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This site was designed with the intent of helping you organize all of those things you need to get done during your residency.

Consider assigning the ADMINISTRATION page as your homepage on your personal desktop while you are in residency.  It lists the web-based sites you probably will use on a daily basis.

The remainder of the site is self-explanatory.  I hope that you find this site useful.


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  1. PEARL:
    • An undescended (cryptorchid) testis is the most common disorder of sexual differentiation in boys.
    • At birth (full term) approximately 4% of boys have an undescended testis.
    o (remember 40 weeks 4%)
    • Because testicular descent occurs at 7-8 mo of gestation 30-40% of premature male infants have an undescended testis
    o (remember 30-40 for 30-40 weeks premature)
    • The majority of undescended testes descend spontaneously during the first 3 mo of life, and by 6 mo the incidence decreases to 0.8%.
    (another way to remember this is that at 1 year about 1% will have undescended testes)
    o If the testis has not descended by 4 mo, it will remain undescended (time for surgery)
    • Cryptorchidism is bilateral in 10% of cases.

    There is some evidence that the incidence of cryptorchidism is increasing. Although cryptorchidism usually is considered to be congenital, an undescended testis is being diagnosed in an increasing number of older boys. Typically these boys have a scrotal testis that “ascends” to a low inguinal position, and therefore require an orchiopexy. Some boys have secondary cryptorchidism after repair of an inguinal hernia. This complication is most common in neonates and young infants and affects as many as 1-2% of patients undergoing hernia repair.

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