Morning Case Discussion Guide

General Guidelines and Expectations:

Morning Report Facilitator Guide

  • MAIN GOAL: Resident-led case-based discussion between residents, students and faculty.
  • Morning report occurs on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Morning report should be based on clinical cases only
  • All resident years should have the experience to present a morning report case
  • First year residents should discuss their case and presentation with a senior resident or chief in preparation
  • All resident presenters are encouraged to discuss their case with a faculty member best suited for the particular case or presentation structure
  • Resident presenters are not expected to cover ABP content specs or prepare a lecture. Morning reports are intended to be an open discussion. However, the presenting resident should try to be the content expert for the case and the main topic.  Presenters are encouraged to share teaching points that were not covered by the discussion in an email or on pedsjaxwiki.
  • Visual aids can be used prn (pictures for rashes, case details written on a board by a chief, power point slides to highlight points, etc.)

Presenter roles:

  • Present a clinical case
  • Understand general content of the clinical problem
  • Facilitate discussion of the case (Senior residents and chiefs are encouraged to assist with facilitation and redirection as needed)

Faculty Roles:

  • Expand differential diagnosis
  • Provide clinical pearls- what the books don’t teach
  • Redirect discussion if need be
  • Offer atypical presentations or reasons for deviation from guidelines

And yet we are flexible!

  • Residents presenting, with guidance from a senior and/or faculty, decides how to structure their morning report
  • May focus on certain part(s) of the clinical case, for instance the history vs. differential vs. management
  • May be an active case that is still being managed
  • May be an outpatient case