Inpatient Orientation Manual

WCH Supervision Protocol 10.24.18

WCH Peds Resident Handbook (Utilization/Clinical Documentation)

Status updates- important please read:

1.       Peritonsillar abscess – observation  

2.       Retropharyngeal abscess – inpatient

3.       Patients with diabetes admitted for hyperglycemia without ketoacidosis should be placed under observation status. 

4.       Sickle cell patients admitted with a vaso-occlusive pain crisis requiring IV pain medication, but without fever and no need for antibiotics should be placed under observation status. 

5.       If patient documented to have > 7 days with no bowel movement and has failed outpatient therapy with laxatives or if the patient has a fecal impaction, may admit as inpatient. If < 7 days without BM, or there was no use out laxatives, or no fecal impaction, admit under observation status.

Hospital Pediatrics Suggested Readings and Modules

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