Instructions for Letter to Editor

I. Choose an aspect of legislation, public policy, or issue that you feel is having a particularly harmful impact on children’s rights to the best possible health in the US or abroad. It may be one of those listed in Module 5, or it may be something of particular interest to you and those in your community. Now consider the following questions:

  1. Which child rights are being breached by the policy that you selected, and why is it important to address them? 
  2. What changes would be necessary in order to protect children’s rights to health more effectively?
  3. To what extent are changes needed related to health policy and practice and to what extent do they need wider reform?
  4. Do you think that pediatricians and other health professionals have a role to play in seeking change on this issue?  Why or why not?  What unique contribution can you make as a result of your direct experience?
  5. How might you develop a strategy to highlight your concerns and seek to achieve the changes necessary to protect children’s health?
  6. How might you involve children themselves in such a strategy?

II. Attach your DRAFT Letter to the Editor for review. Please send the draft in Word format (not pdf). After receiving feedback from Dr. Goldhagen, submit this letter to Mike Clark, Editorial Page Editor, Florida Times-Union. e-mail:

Letter is due within one month of completing the rotation.


Below, are the addresses of local legislators for your letter.