• Small moments Big Impact: This free app and internet website in both Spanish and English provided videos and information.  It was developed by Barry Zuckerman, former DBP Director and Peds Dept Chair at Boston Medical Center in collaboration Dr. Cyndie Hatcher. The focus is on building strong health parent child relationships.

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  • Another FREE app which can be shared with families in many languages that focuses on health and development prenatally and for the first year is called text4baby.  The AAP consulted in its content.
  • The Bezos Foundation funded a star studded field of child development experts to create (NOT that sells used cars).  They joined with scientists, researchers, and parents to take the science out of the lab and put it in the hands of caregivers….for FREE. Vroom provides science-based tips and tools to inspire families to turn shared, everyday moments into Brain Building Moments®.  They provide a website and also an app that gives badges to parents or other caregivers who record that they have utilized one of Zoom’s tips for parents.  They have over 1000 tips to build baby brains and parent-child relationships, many demonstrated with heartwarming videos.
  • Mt Sinai Parenting videos are excellent and keyed to well child visits.  One must create password with at least 8 characters, at least one capital, one lower case letter and one number.

Additional websites to explore:

  • Center for the Developing Child at Harvard Multiple high-quality videos graphics and science about the importance of early relationships and building young brains, parental competencies and communities supporting them. Topics include Toxic Stress, Building Core Capability for Life, Understanding Motivation, Resilience.
  • The Heckman Equation Nobel Laureate Economist Jim Heckman presents data regarding the economic benefit of investing in the early childhood years – 13% based on more than 40 years of high quality longitudinal research.
  • Zero To Three – Early Childhood Non Profit Advocacy Group in Washington hosting Think Babies Campaign, offering monthly free newsletters for parents of children under the age of 3 focusing on promoting healthy development Lots of great videos too.  Many topics including how to handle challenging behaviors.  Written at 9-10 grade reading level.  Some info in Spanish.
  • More Apps and websites with texts, tips and activities to build young brains:
    • Thrice weekly texts with facts about child’s development and tips on how to promote positive behavior and development keyed to child’s age. From Stanford researchers with nice evidence supporting.  However, unlike text4baby  and, these have a charge.
    • CDC Learn the Signs, Act Early Milestone Tracker APP for new parents. English and Spanish!