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Below you will find a summary of current UF wellness programs and initiatives. Program delivery include:

  • On-demand sessions (receive access to the recorded presentation and program materials)
  • Request the program for your department/unit (available via video-conferencing)

Click on each program to learn more.

Good Night GatorsThe Good Night Gators Program will provide you with the knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to sleep. The session will cover the importance of sleep on our health, the impact of sleep deprivation, and provide tips and resources to help establish healthier sleep habits.
Grief and Coping In this session, we focus on Grief and Coping with Loss. The aim is to normalize grief and share some valuable information and resources.
Health and Wellness CoachingDo you have health and wellness goals but are unsure where to start? Request a 30-minute consultation session to get started. Talk through your goals and barriers, and create a plan together to set you up for success this year
Healthy Lifestyle ProgramA series of six sessions exploring different parts of creating a healthy lifestyle. Each session will focus on a specific health topic. Altogether, this 6-week program is designed to change our perspective of what it takes to create a healthy lifestyle.
Available for on-demand access online or live presentations on request.
H.E.L.P: Health Education and Literacy Program.Learn how to use health information to your advantage and become an advocate for your own health in this 30-minute webinar. We will focus on being able to obtain, understand, and apply basic health information in a way that helps you take a more active role in your health management.
Introduction to MindfulnessLearn about the myths and realities of what mindfulness is and what it isn’t. This program will help you identify the dimensions of wellness in everyday life and distinguish between mindfulness and meditation. Complete the program with experiential practice and find ways to incorporate mindfulness into your day
Men’s Health InitiativeMen’s Health Initiative compliments Men’s Health Awareness Month (June) by sharing facts, resources, and hosting wellness initiatives in support of men’s health.
Resilient GatorThe Resilient Gator Program is designed to inform and empower the campus community to build resilience coping skills.
Supportive GatorsThe Supportive Gators workshop is designed to improve social, emotional, and mental health outcomes affected by social isolation and loneliness by empowering UF community members to strengthen their current social support networks and build new networks as needed.
Take 10An initiative to encourage taking 10 Minutes at 10:00 a.m. to work on health and wellness goals.
Wellness TalkThe Wellness Talk video podcast series allows us to connect with subject matter experts on our campus and to learn from them about their work and research. Join us each month for a new discussion on a range of wellness topics with UF and UF Health experts.