“Is it QI or Research?”

Quality Improvement Project Approval and Data Process

Quality Improvement

Can Quality Improvement (QI) be Scholarly?– yes it can.

  • More and more impactful QI initiatives and Patient Safety activities are being published in the most prestigious pediatric journals.  QI and pt safety activities are not typically expected to be scrutinized by IRB’s.  Just keep in mind that once you intend to publish or share your experience outside of the area of study, you should have your work scrutinized by an IRB.  If your intent is to publish from the outset then you should seek IRB approval from the outset.
  • Here is an example of a published QI project: Read “Quality Improvement Measures in Pulse-Oximetry Newborn Heart Screening: A Time Series Analysis” 

Can my QI project be used for Maintenance of Certification?

  • Residents can now “bank” Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 credit that they will be able to apply to their MOC requirements once they’re certified.
    As of Spring 2015, you will be able to earn MOC credit for approved quality improvement work you’re already doing during residency. Once you pass your initial American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) examination, you will be enrolled in MOC and need to earn MOC points to maintain your certification. Your “Banked” credit will count!

Getting Started With Quality Improvement Course-  Everyone to complete during their PL-2 year Learn to use one or a combination of approaches like process mapping, evidence-based medicine, best-practices benchmarking and brainstorming session to improve healthcare quality in the workplace- PEDIALINK MODULE

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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety AAP resources on practice-based quality improvement activities, as well as networks that contribute to overall quality measures and improvement in pediatric care